We have paired our Fresh Angus Strawberry Brownies (in a pack of 4) with Sacred Grounds Coffee Company's Indonesia Coffee, with it's tasting notes of Strawberry Milkshake. An incredible combination that will blow your mind on a warm summer afternoon.


We have also paired our Seville Orange Marmalade Brownies with Sacred Grounds Coffee Comany's Columbian Coffee with it's tasting notes of Orange Marmalade and Milk Chocolate....a real taste explosion and perfect for elevenses.


Pack Includes:

4 x Large Fresh Brownies from Artisana - made with the finest Belgian dark chocolate, handmade local butter, organic free range local eggs, sugar, cocoa and NGCI flour fresh 1st class strawberries from our neighbouring berry farm and locally made Angus Strawberry Jam or Dundee Marmalade (yep, we're all about high quality and very local).


250g bag of Indonesia Coffee from Sacred Grounds Coffee Company (Angus)

Farm:        Team Pegasing 

Location:  Panta Musara, Pegasing, Aceh Tengah   

Owner:     Hendra

Process:    Natural

Varietal:    Mixed

Altitude:    1300 - 1500 Masl

In the cup - Strawberry Milkshake

Brewing methods:  works in all brewing methods.  





Location:   Balboa, Cauca 

Farmer:     Pedro William Mecizo

Process:    Washed

Varietal:    Premium   

Altitude:    1760 Masl

In the cup - Orange Marmalade, Milk Chocolate   

Brewing methods:  works in all brewing methods.  

250g - beans only

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