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Our delicious brownie slab, swirled with a bitter, sweet chunky Seville Orange Marmalade.


"The story of Dundee Marmalade begins back in the 18th century when a Spanish ship took refuge from a storm, in the harbour at Dundee. On board was a consignment of Seville Oranges - which a local grocer decided to purchase.

On taking them home to his wife, the couple discovered the oranges were too bitter to eat. The grocer’s wife saw the potential in the oranges and boiled them up with sugar, to create the delicious preserve now known as Dundee Orange Marmalade." from MacKay's Jam, based in Arbroath, 20 minutes away, where we get all of our Marmalade.


Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Handmade Butter, Soft Flour, Organic Free Range Eggs, Sugar, Sea Salt, Dutch Processed Cocoa, Dundee Marmalade



As with all our baking, we make our brownies with dairy & free range eggs from a farm 10 minutes from our front door, where the butter is made and shaped by hand using milk from grass fed cows. Our single origin chocolate comes from Belgium, our cocoa and flour from France and sea salt from the Scottish Highlands. This is the secret to our "..exquisitely decadent brownies".

All our Brownies contain Gluten, Egg & Milk. Certain flavours also contain nuts.

Everything is baked in a kitchen that handles nuts.

Your brownies are baked in our purpose built kitchen that looks out over the Angus Glens. The fresh Scottish air, we're sure, adds to the flavour.
Each order is baked fresh, refrigerated overnight (to ensure maximum fudgy-ness) and posted to you the very next morning. They will arrive as a slab of brownie perfection, for you to cut to the size you wish (we get 15 large slices, 30 party size or 60-90 bites) wrapped in parchment and tissue paper and placed in a sturdy yet beautifully presented box and finally a water-proof postal bag.
Please let us know if you would like a personalised hand-written message with your order, you have the opportunity at check out. The message will be written in Gold handwriting on the front of your box.

All of our slabs are sent 1st Class, therefor they will be good for around 7-10 days if you keep them in an airtight container, in the fridge or somewhere cool - please bring to room temperature when serving however!! 

All brownies freeze exceptionally well when wrapped in the parchment, then placed in an airtight container, for up to 3 months.
I prefer to keep my brownies in the fridge and bring them out to room temperature about an hour before serving. You will get an extra few days this way. These are not cakey brownies so the quality will not be affected by the refrigeration.

Seville Orange Marmalade Brownie Slab 30cm x 20cm