I talk about Sacred Grounds Coffee all the time, you've probably seen them making a regular appearance on our social media

We sell our Coffee and Brownies together or next to each other at many different local markets. Our Brownies and their Coffee goes hand in hand and we try to pair our products often. 

Their aunadulterated passion for the Bean, dedication to making sure each cup you pour is exceptional and just their pure joy when they've roasted a new origin of coffee is what sets them apart from any other coffee roaster I've come across and will ensure you won't go back to your old brew!


Colombia, Pedro William Mecizo (Organic)

Location:   Balboa, Cauca 

Farmer:     Pedro William Mecizo

Process:    Washed

Varietal:    Premium   

Altitude:    1760 Masl

In the cup - Orange Marmalade, Milk Chocolate   

Brewing methods:  works in all brewing methods.  





Indonesia, Team Pegasing


Farm:        Team Pegasing 


Location:  Panta Musara, Pegasing, Aceh Tengah   


Owner:     Hendra


Process:    Natural


Varietal:    Mixed


Altitude:    1300 - 1500 Masl


In the cup - Strawberry Milkshake


Brewing methods:  works in all brewing methods.  






Peru, Maria Perez Bernal

Farm:  Maria Perez Bernal


Location:  El Nogal village nr Jaen 


Process:    Washed


Varietal:    Caturra, Pache & Bourbon  


Altitude:    1800 Masl


In the cup - Green Toffee Apple 


Brewing methods:  works in all brewing methods.  



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